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Receive A Cash Donation When Buying or Selling
Your Home!

Veterans, Medical Professionals, First Responders, Teachers And Their Family Members.

Receive Thousands In Cash!

ONNIT is a veteran owned and operated company who donates fees collected from a network of real estate companies on behalf of their members. This donation, “ONNIT CASH”, is provided after closing.. REMEMBER to refer co-workers, friends and family that they can also receive ONNIT CASH when they buy or sell a home.

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    ONNIT MEMBERS have the opportunity to work with trusted real estate agents and companies nationally through a network of real estate companies. When you purchase or sell a home, you earn ONNIT CASH* worth hundreds, up to thousands, of dollars based on the price and location of your home. Some states prohibit paying cash rewards on real estate transactions, but gift cards or a commission reduction is available. There is no fee to receive an ONNIT lifetime membership. ONNIT is a proud sponsor OPFOB. Learn more about our camp for Combat Veterans- https://opfob.org/

    Meet The ONNIT Advisory Board

    David Brown | U.S. Army


    Michael Busteed  |  U.S. Army

    David Fuka | U.S. Coast Guard

    Robert Denckhoff | U.S. Marine Corp

    Michael Haider | U.S. Air Force

    Larry R. Johnson | U.S. Army

    Michael Getz | U.S. Air Force

    Jim Bailey | U.S. Army

    Cory L. Kammerdiener | U.S. Navy

    ONNIT™ does not sell, trade or transfer otherwise your personal data to any third parties other than to our advisors, consultants and sub-contractors who assist you in receiving rewards and related services, and who are subject to security and confidentiality obligations.

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