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Our Mission

ONNIT MEMBERS have the opportunity to work with trusted real estate agents nationally through a network of real estate companies. When you purchase or sell a home, you earn ONNIT CASH* worth hundreds, up to thousands, of dollars based on the price and location of your home. Some states prohibit paying rewards on real estate transactions, but gift cards or a commission reduction are available. There are no fees to receive an ONNIT lifetime membership.

Onnit is not a real estate broker and does not employ real estate agents. A designated Real Estate company pays royalty fees to Onnit for the use of its intellectual property. When an Onnit member is ready, willing and able to purchase or sell a home, Onnit will share our intellectual property (Onnit member) with the designated real estate company. The designated real estate company will contact a real estate company in the area that you are purchasing or selling a home and collect a referral fee from the real estate company upon the Purchase or sale of your home anywhere in the U.S.A. Proceeds from royalty fees paid to Onnit by the designated real estate company are used to pay ONNIT CASH directly to you following the closing of your transaction.

Alaska, Louisiana and Oklahoma do not allow rewards. Kanas and Tennessee allow a Master Card MAX gift card. Mississippi, New Jersey, and Oregon may allow a commission reduction at closing. The Onnit ”Cash” is only available to Purchasers and Sellers of homes who are registered as a lifetime member of Onnit.

All real estate commissions are negotiable. Onnit cash calculations are based on a 3% co-broke. Other terms and conditions may apply. This is not a solicitation if you are already represented by a real estate broker. Check with Onnit for details on how we may be able to work with your broker. Program terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice. Additional terms, conditions, and restrictions apply. The Onnit designated real estate company and Onnit fully support the principles of the Fair housing Act and the Equal Opportunity Act.

Lifetime with no cost, ONLY CASHBACK

Exclusive to all Military, First Responders & Medical Professionals, Teachers and their families

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Meet The ONNIT Advisory Board

David Brown | U.S. Army


Michael Busteed  |  U.S. Army

David Fuka | U.S. Coast Guard

Robert Denckhoff | U.S. Marine Corp

Michael Haider | U.S. Air Force

Larry R. Johnson | U.S. Army

Michael Getz | U.S. Air Force

Jim Bailey | U.S. Army

Cory L. Kammerdiener | U.S. Navy

ONNIT™ does not sell, trade or transfer otherwise your personal data to any third parties other than to our advisors, consultants and sub-contractors who assist you in receiving rewards and related services, and who are subject to security and confidentiality obligations.

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